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We increase your website traffic with highly targeted, relevant prospects while eliminating wasted spend in your campaigns. The focus is on increasing your revenues and maximizing your investment. We begin managing your AdWords campaigns within 12 hours of sign-up. Our unique approach to building your campaign is focused on automated bid management technology which ensures you always pay the lowest price for the best clicks. This allows us to utilize your budget to stretch it’s effectiveness up to 36% per dollar.


Expect results quickly, PPC is the only way to immediately be at the top of search. Calls and appointments will begin immediately. The volume will increase as we dial in your campaigns.

We calculate ROI in terms of the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and we obsess over the details. We learn as we go from real customer behavior data and constantly improve this cost of acquisition of new customers by improving the quality score to get more discounts, improving the ads to get more clicks, improving the landing page and on page experience to increase the conversion rate and thus delivering you more customers per advertising dollar.


PPC marketing an excellent way to attract instant, targeted traffic & sales to your website. It’s also ideal for tracking and testing different offers and landing pages created through the marketing process from impression to sale. We provide you with the data and metric evaluation to get the most out of your marketing campaigns yielding higher conversion rates and sales successes.

We test extensively when buying keywords with PPC and find the highest converting and profit terms. We optimize those keywords in organic search for the landing pages they are directed to.


Our customers have seen an above average year over year growth rate and much of this success is due to our expertise in PPC keyword advertising. When Adwords is set up right, it is highly profitable and quickly measurable.

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Once we’ve found what customers in your market are searching for we create the model for your campaigns to maximize your budget based on your goals.
We use 3 key factors (plus many other data points):
Average customer lifetime value.
Search volume of your target market.
The cost of SEO.
Every campaign we build is customized for each customer. We do not try and fit your business into a boxed solution. We will build the best solution for your budget and business.




• Campaign Goal
• Landing Page Experience
• Quality Score
• Ad Content Type
• Demographic Targeting
• Geographic Targeting

People Are Searching For What You Sell


Search marketing is different from traditional marketing strategies. Traditionally you are try to push your message to someone who is not actively looking for what you do. Picture a billboard or TV/Radio ad. These messages are very different in how you communicate with a customer searching for what you do in that moment. Your agency needs to understand your goals and which medium is the best way to attract and retain customers for your business. At Rebel we are masters of both push and pull marketing.

We use our unique strategies to craft your campaigns to not only utilize your own marketing and brand equity but we capture the attention of people searching for your competition too. Come and join the Rebelution today and grow your business with us.


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