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Image Editing Services

Logo & Menu Enhancement

Updated Menu

Relax Grill menu (3 menus)

Logo Updating Services


We can freshen-up your logo, (if you only have a small jpg image, if it looks blurry, if it only looks “good” on your website). We communicate with you and reshen it up in Illustrator, now you can have your logo in several formats, eps, svg, png etc.


Image taken from client’s cell

Image taken from client’s phone

Image Editing

 keep the following things in mind.

• High Quality. We are sure you’ve heard of 300 dpi vs 72 dpi etc, when sending images make sure they are high quality images, (set your phone or camera to the highest possible settings) We can make the high quality images for web but its more difficult to make them the other way around.


• Blurry images, it may look great on your cellphone (small screen) but when open in a editing software, it is blurry and you may think “Is that a good picture I want on my postcard or banner?” We will let you know if its a good image or not.


Offering professional image editing services from our professionally trained and experienced graphics department allows our clients to present any image in any way that they choose. We don’t cut corners and our clients are always right, if that want an image to look or feel a certain way we deliver just that. Our image editing services are second to none and include but are not limited to the following:


      Prepare for the future with image files you can use for text wrapping, background removal, print media, and digital media.


      Natural, reflection, and drop shadows add subtle depth that will increase your product’s appeal. Remove the background and keep or add shadow.


      Finish professionally by removing props, smoothing creases, reducing wrinkles, improving shape and symmetry, and cleaning up skin blemishes.


      Knock-outs, cut-outs, etching, silhouettes, etc. However you say it, removing the background from product images is an essential edit.


      Reduce returns with accurate color. Group images together and color match them to a reference image or color value.












Our Team can work on your images for digital media or commercial print


• Image touch-ups and light corrections

• Custom filter applications

• Graphic implementation into any image

• Image usage for digital media or print

• Adding/removing image elements

• Fantasy Photoshop editing

• Photo sharpening and light re-touching

• Scene changes and lighting effects


Logo Enhancement/Redesign in Illustrator


Redesigning existing logos, we do whatever it takes to design a logo that will rejuvenate and impact your business or simply make it as a vector file (eps, ai) so it can be used for banners,  t-shirts etc.

Logo Vector Illustrator
Logo Vector Illustrator

Using Your Own Images for Your Business

Images sell your services